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majidFor over 30 years we have specialized in Cleaning and repairing fine rugs.

We are qualified to appraise fine rugs and are certified with the Hand Woven Carpets Union of Weavers. We have dedicated our lives to the passion of Persian carpets and rugs. Over the years, many clients have come to depend on our extremely high standards of quality work, and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

We feature a large selection of Persian Rugs & Oriental Rugs in stock. We are constantly updating our inventory as we search for the best quality at the best prices.

Our helpful and knowledgeable rug specialist is available to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to offer you the best prices without sacrificing quality. Ask about our free delivery and free pads when you purchase one of our rugs. For certain orders we'll even add a complimentary doormat.

Let us earn your trust and your business, while beautifying your home with one of the most classic forms of art known to man.

The art of rug making is an ancient tradition dating back over 2,500 years.

We are pleased to offer a unique selection of the highest quality rugs for the discriminating buyer who appreciates collecting and investing in quality rugs that have been designed and woven by skilled artisans.

It is important to find a rug dealer you can trust, and we hope you will give us the opportunity to earn your business. Our rug specialist prefers to educate our clients, and share his love of the art form so they know exactly what they are buying. Our rugs are of exceptional quality and have been painstakingly handmade by true artisans.

Our rug specialist can help you understand the different levels of quality and the different ways rugs are created.

Rugs are available in numerous densities, from 30 knots per inch, to 290 knots per inch with is considered a very fine weave and are the most desirable. You may desire a more Modern rug, or prefer to stick with a Traditional pattern. We carry antique rugs, but also newer rugs that are created to look aged.

Hand-knotted rugs are superior because of the demanding labor required. Natural dyes are also more desirable than synthetic dyes. Even though machine spun wool is more uniform, hand spun wool has a slightly different effect because it will absorb die with more variation due to portions of the yarn being tighter or looser.

Some consider the rug or carpet to be one of the optimum and most exquisite forms of art ever attained by mankind. Even more amazing is the fact that these rugs are relatively affordable and widely available.

Rugs are truly an investment that increases in value over the years. What better way to enhance your home and show your good taste and appreciation for all that is beautiful. 


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