Services - Appraisal, Cleaning And Repair


We provide a complete appraisal service and can prepare appraisal reports for you.

The types of appraisals we specialize in, but are not limited to are:

  • Insurance appraisals- usually placed within a fine arts rider on your homeowner’s insurance policy. For theft, loss, or damage situations. Items appraised at retail or replacement value.
  • IRS Estate Tax or Gift/Donation Appraisals.


One of inherent characteristics of a hand woven carpet is its appreciation in beauty over time. Maintenance in terms of damage prevention will ensure that the value of your rug increases year after year. Professional cleaning of rugs, especially ones in higher traffic areas, will bring out the original color, sheen, texture and beauty while extending the life of your rug.


Our repair technicians are trained in factories where rugs are hand woven. Their training and experience cover all aspects of handmade rug construction and repairs. A professional repair job can preserve and enhance the beauty and value of your investment. 


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