Fine Rug Repair & Restoration

Fine Oriental and Persian Rugs are masterpieces of textile art that are often handed down from generation to generation.

When repairing these prized possessions, it’s important to find the appropriate balance between conservation and restoration.

Our repair technicians are trained in factories where rugs are hand woven. Their training and experience cover all aspects of handmade rug construction and repairs. A professional repair job can preserve and enhance the beauty and value of your investment. 

Conservation attempts to prevent further damage with as little change to the rug’s original condition as possible. This is usually reserved for rare pieces with historic or scientific value. Restoration attempts to return a rug to its original condition using the same dyes and fibers whenever possible.

Our restoration experts have the experience and training required to evaluate the fibers, dyes and materials of each rug before attempting to clean or repair what may be valuable work of art.

Rug Warehouse specializes in:

  • Securing and restoring sides and edges
  • Repairing, removing or replacing damaged fringe
  • Reweaving holes, tears and moth damage
  • Restoring worn pile
  • Spot dyeing, tea washing, and overcast dyeing
  • Correcting curled edges
  • Restoring shape and removing wrinkles
  • Replacing torn or detached backings
  • Water damage restoration
  • Pet odor removal

You can trust Rug Warehouse to treat each rug with the care and respect it deserves.

Call (941) 922-1651 to schedule your pick up or just drop it off at our beautiful Sarasota showroom.



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